Thursday, July 21, 2016

YouTube Music Campaign Shows How Music Touches Every Type Of Person - FASTCOMPANY

by Dan Soloman 
Originally published: July 19, 2016

People from all backgrounds and cultures get to be themselves with their earbuds in.

WHAT: The new campaign from YouTube Music, the streaming giant's music-specific app, which features five spots—each roughly a minute long—starring a widely diverse cast of people listening to their favorite music.

WHO: YouTube Music, Anomaly New York

WHY WE CARE: Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify all released ads in April in an attempt to carve out an identity outside of just "this lets you listen to music." YouTube Music faces a tougher challenge than most, in that while the site is the most-used streaming service for listening to music, their dedicated music app isn't as intuitive as simply Googling the name of the song and clicking the first link that pops up. So this campaign is important to them—and simply by representing the kinds of people they portray in the five ads here, they do a good job of being memorable and showing YouTube as the music streaming service of the people.