Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Banking on Diversity to Fill the Talent Pipeline - WORKFORCE

by Sarah Foster
Originally published: August 5, 2016
Publisher: Workforce.com 

Katie Lawler remembers them all.

She remembers the student who turned to taekwondo to help her overcome a disability. She remembers the one who left Haiti to escape her abusive stepfather. She remembers the one who learned upon returning from an everyday walk that he’d lost his father suddenly and swiftly to a brain infection.

These people, these stories, have moved her to tears. They couldn’t possibly escape her memory.

When it comes to the stories heard through U.S. Bank’s diversity collaboration with Wallin Education Partners, Lawler will never forget.

Building a diverse talent pipeline — filled with people of different races, ethnicities and experiences — is a goal for many businesses, including U.S. Bank.

“We know our future workforce will be more diverse; we know our future customer base will be diverse,” said Lawler, U.S. Bank’s senior vice president and deputy general counsel. “When people come to the table with different life experiences and different perspectives, people generate new ideas that they might not come up with in a homogenous group.”