Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Companies Are Signing Up To Give Their Employees Election Day Off—Is Yours? - FASTCOMPANY

by Jessica Leber 
Originally published: August 1, 2016
Publisher: FastCompany.com 

The government won't make Election Day a national holiday, so a new campaign called Take Tuesday is asking companies to make it an internal holiday instead—so no one is prevented from voting by their work commitments.

Wouldn’t it be much easier to vote on Election Day if you had time off from work?

Since it’s not yet a national holiday, a new campaign called Take Tuesday is asking employers around the country to make to make November 8 a vacation day on their corporate calendar—or at least guarantee a block of time off for all employees.

"The will to vote isn’t the only thing standing in people’s way. There are a lot of structural barriers," says Noah Fradin, a recent Brown University graduate who works in product development for the Seattle startup Surround.io. Some people can’t afford to miss any work. For others, incredibly long lines at the end of the day make voting nearly impossible, he notes. (More states adopting early voting and voting by mail could also help this.)