Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Company that welcomes babies finds recruiting, loyalty a breeze - DESERET NEWS

by Lois M. Collins 
Originally published: August 8, 2016

In the conversation about parental leave and the workplace, W.S. Badger in Gilsum, New Hampshire, treats every day like Bring Your Child to Work Day — as long as your offspring is younger than 6 months old.

Parents of the youngest children can be found working diligently with their tiny offspring very close at hand. And it pays dividends in terms of employee engagement and retention, the organic skin care company's owners say in a video on the site.

"The company’s unique Babies at Work program encourages the parent/child bond at a critical time, while also providing business benefits to Badger: reduced turnover, increased employee engagement and fewer new parents leaving the workplace," the introduction to the short video says.

It's another twist in ongoing efforts by employers to help assure that parents and babies bond in the child's early months, which has been part of a national discussion about parental leave after a baby's birth, from who gets it to how long and whether it's paid or not.