Monday, August 8, 2016

Gender Inequality Still Exists in the Workplace - WOMEN OF CHINA

Originally publisher: August 3, 2016

Beijing's Xicheng Women's Federation, along with the Law Research Center for Women and Children of the native lawyers association, jointly conducted a survey so as to better understand gender equality in the workplace. 

Organizers have collected nearly 1000 questionnaires from female employees who work in state-owned enterprises, institutions and government agencies, as well as private enterprises. 

Gender inequality exists at various stages of women's careers, according to the survey.   

Figures indicate that 28.42 percent of women suffered unfair treatment in the process of job promotion due to gender issues; 52.51 percent of them experienced gender discrimination when they were pregnant, on maternity leave or breastfeeding; and about 23.09 percent of women workers were subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace.   

Of those women who suffered unfair treatment when they were pregnant, on maternity leave or breastfeeding in the workplace, 18.49 percent of women suffered pay cuts; 29.57 percent had to transfer to other posts; about 33.33 percent lost their opportunities of promotion or training; while 9.82 percent of women were persuaded by employers to resign directly from their posts; and the rest, 3.08 percent, experienced other forms of unjust treatment.