Friday, August 5, 2016

Hi, My Name is Joshua. I’m Racist. - THE GOODMEN PROJECT

by Joshua Hathaway 
Originally published: August 3, 2016

There is something that I want you to know about me:

I am racist.

I have no problem admitting this fact because I do not see it as a personal failure or a moral shortcoming. I am racist because I live in a culture that (like every other culture I have encountered) is racist, and extends privilege to people of lighter complexion based on that fact alone. I don’t believe that brown people are inferior, less intelligent, more violent, or a threat to me in any way because of their skin color or culture. That does not excuse me from being racist.

And it does not prevent me from having a different visceral reaction to people of darker complexions, especially large men with very dark skin, in a dark alley than I would a Caucasian of the same build. This reaction was ingrained into me by the racist culture I have lived in my whole life.