Thursday, August 4, 2016

New Job? Here's How To Feel Like You Belong - FASTCOMPANY

by Lauren VanderKam 
Originally published: August 1, 2016

Moving to a new place is tough, but a few strategies can help anyone feel more at home.

Lots of people move in the summer, many for new jobs. Moving can be incredibly disorienting on a personal level. Figuring out the politics of a new office is likewise difficult, and it’s not necessarily something humans, who used to stay with our tribes for life, are good at doing. However, there are ways to start to feel at home, says Melody Warnick, author of the new book, This is Where You Belong: The Art and Science of Loving the Place You Live. After half a dozen moves in a few years, Warnick set out to figure out how to make her current home of Blacksburg, Va., truly feel like home. She reports that "A lot of the things that work to make people feel at home in their community work for a workplace, which is in essence its own kind of community." Here’s how to feel like you belong, fast.


Your first weeks at a new job should be as social as possible. "The most disheartening thing about moving to a new place is the lack a social network," says Warnick. "That can be really depressing." The process of making new friends can be challenging because "you’ll spend some time with people who, in the end, may turn out not to be your favorites." However, "you still have to go through that process." Start going for coffee with as many of your colleagues as you can, realizing it’s just a numbers game. You won’t like everyone, but you can probably find one person you really like per month. In six months, you’ll have a dozen good work buddies, and that’s actually a lot.