Thursday, August 4, 2016

Want To Keep Your Millennials? Then Train Them - TLNT

by Thuy Sindell 
Originally published: August 3, 2016

Millennials want to leave their jobs. A report from Deloitte found that a majority expect to have new jobs in the next five years. Why? Leadership development has a lot do with it, the survey suggests.

Among employees who said they are likely to leave in the next two years, 71% say they are unhappy with how their leadership skills are being developed. Overall, 63% of millennials surveyed said their leadership skills aren’t being fully developed. Considering the fact that a majority of the workforce is made of millennials, that’s a major problem.

So where are employers going wrong? Here are a few ways to amp up leadership development to meet the needs of millennials and keep them around:

Offer leadership development at all levels

Millennials don’t want to wait around to eventually receive leadership training one day — they want it now. In fact, the most loyal employees in the Deloitte survey were more likely to agree that younger employees are actively encouraged to aim for leadership roles within their organization.