Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Google Launches Trans Voices Campaign with GLAAD - TEEN VOGUE

by Britteny MacNamara 
Originally published: November 14, 2016
Publisher: TeenVogue.com 

“There were times the person would flinch when we shook hands with them.”

A lot of things are uncertain as we approach Jan. 20, when Donald Trump and Mike Pence will officially occupy the White House. Because of that, transgender people have started organizing and preparing for a government that, at least in part, doesn't believe they should be protected under anti-discrimination laws. There have been hashtags like #translawhelp, started by @dtwps, to connect transgender people with lawyers that can help get legal documents in place, and there have been checklists distributed on steps to take to ensure safety. As much as it's time for action, it's also time for listening. That's why GLAAD partnered with Google for #transvoices, a project that is helping spread transgender peoples' stories because they are real, they are important and they matter.

The project shares the stories of Evan Young, Mara Keisling and Jasmine, three people with incredible things to say.