Friday, December 23, 2016

Ex-military members claim systemic racism in lawsuit - CBC

by ChloĆ© Fedio
Originally published: December 23, 2016

Three former members of the Canadian Forces have filed a proposed class action lawsuit claiming "systemic racial discrimination and harassment" during their service, detailing how derogatory slurs and threats of violence against them were either ignored or tolerated by their superiors.

Marc Frenette, a 38-year-old Indigenous man from Ontario, Wallace Fowler, a 43-year-old black man from Nova Scotia, and Jean-Pierre Robillard, a black man of Haitian descent raised in New Brunswick, made the accusations against the Canadian Forces in a statement of claim filed Dec. 14 in Halifax. Fowler has previously called for an inquiry into racism in the military.

"Rather than properly punishing the wrongdoers and deterring insidious behaviour, victims of racism within the Canadian Forces are forced into isolation, subjected to further trauma and, in many cases, catapulted toward early release from their careers," according to the claim.