Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Beautiful weirdos wanted: how diversity will solve your creativity problem - CAMPAIGN

by Chris Bovill and John Allison
Originally published: January 30, 2017
Publisher: Campaign.co.uk 

Advertising is suffering from a creativity problem. And hiring people who don't look, sound or think like you is the cure, Chris Bovill and John Allison write. 

1987. Soho. 

A bored model demands a new cocktail: "Wake me up, then f*** me up." This was Dick Bradsell’s cue to broaden his ingredients far wider than any other barman in the world at that time. The espresso martini was born. Thanks for the sleepless nights, Dick.

Moral: he diversified his ingredients and got revolutionary results. Advertising, one could argue, has lost its edge. Once the bad boys of creative commerce. Now the producer of nicely crafted, nicely thought out and nicely regarded work. A middle-aged rock star peddling corporate niceness. Doesn’t want to rock the yacht. Still touring but made its best work years ago.

We sell ourselves on our originality. New is our pitch. So why is the work so rarely truly original? Advertising needs to be more like Dick. If we want new, innovative work, we need new ingredients.