Monday, January 16, 2017

Building Workplace 2.0 For Millennials BLOOMBERG QUINT

by Harsh Goenka
Originally published: January 16, 2017

For leaders in the present day, the most important issue has become talent management. A large part of this challenge arises from the emergence of ‘millenials’ into the modern workforce. They have brought with them a new dimension to organisations and the changes are significant. Money does matter to them, but a sense of purpose matters more.

  • They are not happy just being around.
  • They demand transparency and have an intrinsic approach of doing things the right way.
  • They take corporate governance seriously.
  • They are impatient when there is lack of dynamism.

The term millennial has become synonymous with people who grew up in a worldwide web-fuelled, increasingly online, and socially-connected world. They are targeted by marketers avidly and do not frown in perplexity when they come across a boy named Shanthi wearing a nose-pin who also makes big bucks writing advanced code for his U.S. employer. Armed with confidence, a follow-your-dreams attitude, impatience and a deep-seated desire to “matter” marks these beautiful frenzied minds who are a critical and valuable part of tomorrow’s organisational strategy. It is then abundantly clear that most of our current workplaces need to adapt and ready themselves to attract, absorb and form attachments with these folks.