Friday, January 13, 2017

Diverse workforce matters - The Statesman

by Neha Bagaria 
Originally published: January 13, 2017

Gender diversity is crucial for any workplace, and India Inc has stepped up in recent years to how well it has worked for economies across the world. Not only is diverse workforce a praiseworthy move for any organisation, but it also makes perfect bottom-line business sense for a company.

Men and women have different approaches, viewpoints, ideas and market insights that they bring to the table, which enable better problem solving and innovation in the workplace. We have recently seen many organisations appointing women in leadership roles. This trend is bound to take center stage over the coming years to hire and retain woman across various levels, in order to promote gender inclusivity. 

A report by the McKinsey Global Institute titled “The Power of Parity” notes that pushing for women’s equality in the workplace can bump up global business growth by a whopping $12 trillion. The report also states that India has a larger relative economic value at stake from advancing equality than any of the 10 regions analysed in the study. 

The government has been and continues to roll out woman friendly policies and initiatives, which are empowering them with financial, technological and infrastructural support, helping them actively contribute to the country’s economy.