Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Empowering women in the workplace by excluding men - THE GLOBE AND MAIL

Originally published: January 21, 2017
Publisher: TheGlobeandMail.com 

In 2015, a Canadian mockumentary called No Men Beyond This Point comically painted a world in which men were no longer evolutionary necessary and, as a result, were dying out. Women, it seemed, managed to get along fine without them and ended up not only running every country smoothly, but their work was valued more than men’s.

Meanwhile, in the real world, things remain very different. Women continue to work hard to penetrate the C-suite, which remains male dominated and the pay gap persists. Yet, rather than pushing their way for a seat at the table, there appears to be a trend among female entrepreneurs who are just saying no to working with men.

Late last year, a new all-female co-working space launched in New York, called The Wing. It reportedly received 1,300 applications on its opening day. While the Wing didn’t respond to an interview request, its website describes its location as a multipurpose space designed to make women’s lives easier and that “magic is created when women gather together.”