Friday, January 20, 2017

Five ways men feel alienated by gender diversity debate - PERSONNEL TODAY

by Chris Park 
Originally published: January 20, 2017

Five ways men feel alienated by gender diversity debate.

As the requirement for gender pay gap reporting approaches, more men are engaging in gender issues – some better than others. Chris Parke looks at why many men feel excluded from the diversity debate, and how to tackle the problem.

Over the past decade, I’ve seen many men in the corporate world feeling “alienated” by the gender debate. Just last week I was working with a client – a male partner in a legal practice – who had an abject fear of standing up in front of a female audience to talk about gender balance at the firm.

Diversity is a top business priority, however it is very often still the responsibility of the predominantly female HR department, or the organisation’s women’s networks. I am very passionate about there being room for more male advocates of gender balance; we need to create safe, inclusive spaces where both men and women can talk honestly about what they feel are the barriers to their career progression.