Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Force-feeding your hiring managers diversity is a bad idea - VENTURE BEAT

Originally published: January 29, 2017
Publisher: VentureBeat.com 

A number of technology businesses like Salesforce.com, Slack, and HubSpot have recently generated headlines for their efforts to foster employee equality and diversity. Salesforce.com has received kudos for trying to normalize its gender wage gap and instituting a rule requiring all internal company meetings to include at least one woman. HubSpot has instituted a diversity candidate interview quota for senior hires. And, Slack’s CEO, Stewart Butterfield, takes the aggressive approach of shaming hiring managers who attempt to “hire another white guy” because “people don’t like to look like a chump.”

I can’t think of a single tech company that is as diverse in terms of gender and ethnicity as would be desirable. Company leaders shouldn’t want their employee base to be homogenous – diverse workforces are smarter, more creative, and more productive. If your business has an employee base with a wide diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and ideas, you will out-innovate, out-market, out-sell any competitor operating in homogeneity. Those competitors will miss opportunities that you won’t. Their marketing won’t resonate with their audience the way yours will because they will not understand prospects and customers the way your employees do.