Thursday, January 26, 2017

How Technology Can Help Close the Gender Gap - HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW

by Sallie Krawcheck
Originally published: January 25, 2017

What is the experience of a woman in corporate America today? She probably hears a lot about diversity initiatives from the leadership of her company, but she probably has precious little to show it, save a smattering of diversity days, mentoring programs, employee advocacy groups, and other gender programs. Boards and senior leadership at her company remain stubbornly male, and women continue to earn less than men for comparable work.

But what can she do about it? She might suspect that she is underpaid, but societal taboos keep her from comparing her salary with colleagues’ pay. She may be familiar with her company’s benefits and workplace policies, but she has no way of comparing them with its competitors’; the same is true of companies’ records on advancing women. And if she thinks about moving elsewhere to find a route through the glass ceiling, she has no way of truly gauging the culture of those rival companies and how women are treated there.