Friday, January 27, 2017

Is The Talent Shortage A Myth? Just Ask These Thousands Of Women Coders - FASTCOMPANY

by Lydia Dishman 
Originally published: January 25,2017

There's actually a plethora of talented women coders all over the world. Silicon Valley just needs to reconsider the pipeline.

If you've heard about the tech industry's diversity problems, you've probably also heard about the narrow "talent pipeline." That's the name given to the supposed lack of qualified diverse candidates, which tech leaders plaintively invoke as a reason why Silicon Valley’s diversity numbers haven’t budged much lately and to explain why pay parity is also still far from reality.

But we know from several reports that the problem isn’t the pipeline. It’s rooted in unconscious biases that are threaded throughout employers’ recruiting, hiring, and retention efforts, all of which, to be fair, are manifestly difficult to unravel.