Friday, January 27, 2017

MI 6 chief on why gender diversity is a matter of national urgency - GROWTH BUSINESS

by Praseeda Nair 
Originally published: January 26, 2017

“My message is a simple one: we need the best talent from the widest range of backgrounds to counter the threats facing this country and to seize the opportunities presented by modern technology,” according to MI 6 Chief, Sir Alex Younger.

Sir Alex is camera shy to say the least. For security reasons, his name was kept out of the press as he was ushered in to speak at Vitesse Media’s Women in IT Awards last night. In a rare public appearance, Sir Alex expressed the importance of getting the best and brightest that Britain has to offer in keeping the nation safe.

“We in the covert world, the intelligence services of the UK – GCHQ, MI5 and MI6, find ourselves in the frontline confronting a large number of the threats that are facing the country that are kind of the other side of the positive of globalisation,” he said.