Friday, January 20, 2017

Study: Why Millennials Should be Taken Seriously in the PR Workforce - PR WEEK

by Sean Czarnecki 
Originally published: January 20, 2017

A study by the Plank Center confirms generation gaps between millennials and the old guard of comms, but its researchers note the much-apprised generation may not only be an asset but necessary.

 Millennials may clash with older cohorts, but their point-of-view could be essential for the PR industry, says a Plank Center survey.

Co-sponsored by the Institute for Public Relations, the study included two panels of 420 U.S. participants via survey platform Qualtrics. One group was made up of millennial comms pros, while the other group was comprised of managers.

Millennials’ unique skill sets and values could provide employers with an incentive to integrate them into the workforce, the study says. They are digital natives with "great passion for leadership and strong values for transparency, social responsibility, diversity, and community — all touchstones for our profession today," said University of Alabama professor Bruce Berger in the study