Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Beautiful Side Of Disability - FORBES

by Paolo Gaudiano and Ellen Hunt 
Originally published: January 9, 2017

When asked to think about diversity, most people tend to think about race and gender. One type of “underrepresented minority” that is often overlooked – in spite of often being as visible as gender or skin color – are the individuals living with genetic, physical, behavioral or intellectual differences.

We spent some time with Xian Horn, founder of Give Beauty Wings and Changeblazer. Born with cerebral palsy, Xian has embraced her physical differences and used them to educate and improve the lives of countless individuals. Through her efforts as a consultant and educator, Xian has shown that even a modest effort and some thoughtfulness does have a significant positive impact on a large segment of our society, and that organizations that educate themselves about disabilities stand to reap huge practical and economic benefits. In fact, after reading this interview, you may come to the conclusion that the term “disability” is misplaced.