Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What big companies can do to attract and retain millennials - TELEGRAPH

by Rich McEachran 
Originally published: January 17, 2017

By promoting diversity and giving young workers a sense of purpose, larger companies can retain millennials in the workplace.

Millennials will make up 50pc of the global workforce by 2020. Roughly defined as someone born in 1984 onwards, this age group is often misunderstood and seen as difficult to manage in the workplace. This simply isn’t always the case; millennials just work differently. They’ve had to adapt to the fast-paced changes of the digital world in which they’ve grown up.

“There are many positives in employing millennials, such as their passion for values and intricate knowledge of new technologies, but there are also drawbacks,” says Andy Bate, co-founder of e-commerce web design company, Ecomnova.