Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Why Always Leaning In For Salary Negotiations Might Not Work For Women - FASTCOMPANY

by Lydia Dishman 
Originally published: January 17, 2017
Publisher: FastCompany.com 

A study reveals that women aren't as successful when they feel they have to negotiate.

When Christine Exley, an assistant professor of business administration at Harvard Business School surveyed 200 U.S. adults about whether or not they thought women should negotiate their salaries more, nearly three-quarters said yes.

Of course they did.

Conventional career wisdom tells us that we should always be ready to negotiate for compensation and benefits at work, especially for a higher starting salary at a first job. This practice has been especially encouraged for women, who often fail to do this. Research from Levo and Glassdoor revealed that 66% and 68% of women polled, respectively, accepted the salary they were offered without trying to get more. This, despite the plethora of platforms that aim to help salaries be more transparent so workers can negotiate for what they are worth.