Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Why tech needs to think seriously about targets and quotas - COMPUTER WEEKLY

by  Clare McDonald 
Originally published: January 30, 2017
Publisher: ComputerWeekly.com 

Targets  and quotas. There I said it. The dreaded T’s and Q’s, that stand for ‘giving people an unfair advantage that they don’t deserve’ and ‘allowing less qualified individuals to get a one-up on the more qualified individuals that would be able to do the job’. Don’t they?

I have had many conversations about this with individuals across the tech industry about why we as tech employers should or shouldn’t use quotas and targets. It’s not an easy topic. Partially because people don’t always understand what these concepts really mean, sometimes it’s because of confusion about the legal status around deploying them, but often it’s because people are worried it will set an unfair precedent for hiring individuals who are not up for the job.