Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Will Boardroom Gender Balance Improve In 2017? - THE MARKET MOGUL

by  Morgan Franklin 
Originally published: January 23, 2017
Publisher: TheMarketMogul.com 

Despite increasingly vocal pressure from many sources to address the global workplace gender gap, 2016 compounded its status as a testing year in business by returning an overall slowdown in the march towards equality, according to an end-of-year report from the World Economic Forum.

Dashed Hopes
Disparities in salary and stagnant labour force participation rates continue to be responsible for much of the imbalance. However, as the report also states, one key area widely tipped for rapid improvement over the past couple of years stagnated in 2016:

“The number of women in senior positions also remains stubbornly low, with only four countries in the world having equal numbers of male and female legislators, senior officials and managers, despite the fact that 95 countries now have as many – if not more – women educated at university level.” tweet."