Friday, February 10, 2017

After Maternity Leave: How Companies Can Support New Parents' Transition Back To Work - FORBES

by Georgene Huang,  
Originally published: February 9, 2017

The period after you have a baby is a delicate one for your career. That’s true for both new moms and dads.  

Kristen Raymaakers at Bright Horizons (one of the largest employer-sponsored providers of childcare), told us that their data shows that upon returning to work, roughly half of new parents – both men and women – take a job for less money at a family-friendly employer. Three in five (59%) say they’re likely to switch employers now that they have their first child.

Some companies are starting to take note of these trends. According to a study conducted by Bright Horizons, roughly 80 companies have recently implemented new “return-to-work” programs to better retain employees and mitigate the stress that new parents experience upon resuming their jobs.