Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Benefits of diversity in your business - DESTINY

Originally published: February 8, 2017

We look at the importance of diversity in your business

Everyone in business has the same aim – competitive advantage. Established routes to the destination include cost reduction to secure pricing efficiencies, new technology introductions to improve productivity and product innovation.

Now a critical route – diversity leadership – is being explored as a springboard to all of the above as it becomes clear that the creation of an inclusive workforce is a compelling starting point for senior managers looking to contain costs, boost morale, improve output and tap new thinking.

Privately, business strategists concede that, initially, the quest for diversity was neither spontaneous nor voluntary. Employment Equity (EE) legislation forced a departure from past practice. However, compulsion is sometimes beneficial. As a child, you might not like being forced to eat your vegetables, but it’s good for you and you ultimately emerge stronger and fitter.