Monday, February 20, 2017

Career Regression With an Older Workforce - ATD

by Carol Decker 
Originally published: February 15, 2017

When most of us think about developing careers, we think of new recruits who are on the way up the ladder or those who are looking for higher placements within the organization. Some programs begin with defined pathways when individuals start working for an organization. In general, career development programs ask us to

  • understand the workforce by taking note of the skills employees have and their desires for actualization
  • monitor the workforce for turnovers and new hire needs to identify opportunities for internal employees
  • develop potential employees or internal hires with the abilities to fill open positions and new position opportunities.

While this approach is sufficient for up-and-coming employees, those who have been in the workforce for a longer time might have a different outlook regarding what their future development should look like. Organizations often overlook their older workforce, create environments to downsize older workers, offer voluntary retirement opportunities, or fail to regard their skill level in a fast-paced workplace.