Thursday, February 23, 2017

JOB RETENTION: Eager and talented young people who want to make it here - CHRONICLE HERALD

by Chantal Brine
Originally published:  February 22, 2017

Attracting and retaining young talented employees is critical to Nova Scotia’s economic future. It’s also what Venor does on a daily basis, working with hundreds of young professionals and employers — mostly entrepreneurial small-to-medium sized businesses. Through these dialogues, Venor learns of both the challenges and the opportunities ahead.

Some of the themes that emerge include:

-‘I’d love to hire students/recent graduates, but don’t know who to contact and don’t have time to attend career fairs or other events.’

-‘We don’t have the money and/or time to hire and train a young professional.’

- ‘We don’t have a team to effectively on board and train a young professional; it would take too long to get them up to speed.’