Monday, February 6, 2017

The future is bright, the future is female - WE ARE THE CITY

Originally published: February 3, 2017

If you’re like most bright, millennial women that I’ve met who started their career in Finance, you’re either considering whether the grass really could be ‘greener’, both financially and from a status point of view, in having a career in Tech, or you’re already knees deep in the move to an industry where the pace of innovation has taken the world by storm.

We are seeing movement not only from frustrated millennials at the lower levels of the talent ladder though, as many senior financial experts (Gemma Godfrey, CEO of and Diana Paredes CEO of incubator Suade Labs) have already cottoned on to this latest boom and redefined themselves in what is now an inescapable and impressive £20bn Fintech market in the UK. And who can blame them?

Emily Mackay of Crowdsurfer and Marta Krupinska of Azima as just two examples of women who are flying in the face of gender and generation stereotype and showing us how UK, ‘Under 30’ females are “getting it done”. So, given that “Tech” has become so darn cool for guys and ever-increasingly gals alike, just how many women do you think are Directors in Fintech companies?