Monday, February 27, 2017

This "Black At Work" Obstacle Course Makes The Racism & Discrimination People Of Color Often Face At Work Into Literal Obstacles - BUSTLE

by Georgina Lawton 
Originally published: February 24, 2017

Being an ethnic minority in a predominantly white work environment produces challenges that can be nearly impossible to navigate at times. But one ad agency has created a "Black At Work" obstacle course in an attempt to highlight the insidious racism, microaggressions, and overt discrimination many black people face at work day in day out. It's a perfect project for Black History Month and will hopefully educate and inspire both employers and employees to act in a way that works toward achieving real, actual equality.

According to a 2015 CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation poll on race, 26 percent of blacks and 15 percent of Hispanics believed they had been treated unfairly because of their race or ethnicity at their work within the previous 30 days. Furthermore, the Center for Women Policy Studies found that 21 percent of women of color surveyed did not feel they were free to be “themselves at work" — and more than a third of women of color believed that they must “play down” their race or ethnicity to succeed.