Monday, February 13, 2017

Trump turns to unlikely sources to ask what women want - CIO

by Sharon Florentine 
Originally published: February 9, 2017

Ladies! Guess what? It seems we may soon have an answer to the age-old question "What do women want in the workforce?" And who better to deliver the answer to that question than … two men?

No, really. Our new president met last Friday with business leaders to discuss (among other things) taxes, regulation and women's issues. Advising him on the latter were Walmart CEO Doug McMillon and EY CEO Mark Weinberger, the Wall Street Journal reports. Because at the top of my workplace wish-list is "more man-splaining."

It's not as if Trump couldn't have found some actual female leaders to weigh in. IBM CEO Ginny Rometti, General Motors CEO Mary Barra and Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi were in attendance as well. Maybe they were too busy changing their clothes to make sure they could "dress like a woman." At the very least, see if Sheryl Sandberg's available - if she's not too busy Leaning In