Wednesday, March 1, 2017

10 Tips For Leaders To Support Workplace Diversity, Part 1: Things To Do At Work - FORBES

by Paolo Gaudiano and Ellen Hunt 
Originally published: February 27, 2017

As leaders, our words and actions have a great impact on workplace diversity. Here are several simple things you can do at work that will make your workplace more inclusive, while boosting morale and increasing performance. In Part 2 we will focus on things leaders can do outside of the workplace, which nonetheless impact the workplace.

1. Give your time and attention to colleagues who want to support diversity.

One of the most frequent complaints we hear is from employees who feel that their ideas and initiatives about diversity and inclusion are not supported by their company’s leadership. If someone in your organization is making the effort to spearhead a diversity and inclusion initiative, no matter how small, take the time to listen and participate.