Monday, March 13, 2017

Bill would allow women working in B.C. restaurants to refuse to wear high heels 'This is a human rights issue' Green Party leader Andrew Weaver says of bill on gendered dress codes - CBC

by Liam Britten
Originally published: March 9, 2017

Green Party leader Andrew Weaver says it's high time to get rid of mandatory high heels for women working in restaurants and bars.

Weaver introduced a bill on Wednesday to amend the Workers Compensation Act so safety standards, including for footwear, must be the same for all genders.

"We do have, in the Workers Compensation Act, some footwear requirements," he said. "What I did was bring in the bill that would make it illegal for an employer to require footwear to be different depending on your gender, gender expression or gender identity.

"[If] it is going to be a matter of dress code that everyone in a restaurant wear high heel shoes, then every man would have to wear high heel shoes. And I suspect there would be some protestations there."