Monday, March 20, 2017

Canada’s Door is Always Open - LEXOLOGY

by Gilda Villaran
Originally published: March 14, 2017

Canada is well known for its positive attitude towards immigration. We recognize the value of diversity. It is for this reason that we do not place restrictions on the issuance of work permits based on citizenship. As Canadians, we value, among other things, equality, openness and respect for cultural differences. In a world of seemingly closing doors, Canada continues to embrace inclusion.

Not to suggest that Canada is lax about national security; of course, appropriate screening measures are in place to ensure the population's safety. But once regular security checks are performed, Canada issues (and will continue to issue) work permits to those who meet the requirements of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and the Regulations thereunder.

Given the uncertainty that many employees of US-based companies are now facing, the option of establishing a Canadian subsidiary in order to expand the organization's footprint and relocate those employees who find themselves affected by the immigration policies of the current administration is gaining traction. From a Canadian's perspective, we certainly welcome you in our country. Among other Canadian cities, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Waterloo are already home to many flourishing international tech companies.