Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Diversity key to handling changing business landscape - PRIME MOVER

Originally published: March 28, 2017

As mega-trends like globalisation, urbanisation and digitisation descend upon Australia, the very concept of commercial road transport is put to the test – and only a diverse workforce will be able to cushion the shock, according to Logical Executive Solutions’ Caroline Taylor.

As part of the magazine’s upcoming diversity special*, Prime Mover consulted the experienced executive recruiter to find out just how well diversity is addressed in the Australian commercial road transport industry.

Q: What are the advantages of diversity in the workplace?

A: Being aware of diversity in the workplace is important to bring different ways of thinking to the fold. Without including people from different backgrounds – and that does not just apply to gender or culture – you will end up with a group of people who all think and act the same. What’s important is to not approach diversity like some sort of business project – it should become part of a company’s default state.