Friday, March 24, 2017

Diversity Makes Projects More Successful - LINUX

by Ian Murphy
Originally published: March 21, 2017

Open source projects are by their nature intended to be welcoming, pulling in contributions from many different volunteers. But in reality, open source and the tech industry in general often lack diversity. Speaking at the Open Source Leadership Summit in February, Mozilla’s Chief Innovation Officer Katharina Borchert told the crowd that working to bring ethnic, gender, and skill diversity to open source projects isn’t just the right thing to do because of moral grounds, it’s the right thing to do to make projects more successful.

“The next generation of people coming online and potentially willing -- even eager -- to engage with us, to contribute to our work, they're not going to look like us, they're not going to talk like us, and they're going to have different expectations,” Borchert said.

“If we want to future-proof our communities, if we want to future-proof our work and everything that we really care about, we need to engage those people. We need to understand those people, and we need to be able to open up our communities and embrace those people,” she continued.