Monday, March 13, 2017

Embrace Your Employees' Differences to Become a Stronger Business Leader - ENTREPRENEUR

by Greg Llopis
Originally published: March 9, 2017

Today’s employees want more from the workplace. They need their leaders to have their backs. But too many leaders are operating in survival mode and thus don’t share enough of themselves to protect their own domain. Without leaders to sponsor and mentor high-potential employees, many are reckoning with the changing terrain on their own, which puts their organizations at risk.

When brands don’t invest in and retain the right people intelligence, they lose marketplace opportunity. And with a workplace and a marketplace that are becoming younger, more diverse, technologically savvy and globally connected, leaders should become more intent on seeing what lies around, beneath and beyond what they seek for their businesses as a growth strategy. But too many leaders today don’t create workplaces that value diversity of thought. Millennials, women and other diverse populations are more inclined to see, show, grow and share -- and value them all -- but cannot manage in the wrong types of environments that don’t allow them to be more of themselves.

We see this in the demands Millennials are making on the companies they’re willing to work for -- and the kinds of companies they’re creating. They want transparency. They want community environments that give back. They want a new kind of trust based on clarity, consistency and contact rather than hierarchy and authority. They want to agree to devote their talents to a particular organization for as long as it allows their personal brand and its value proposition to develop and remain relevant. And when they can’t get what they require, they move on.