Thursday, March 9, 2017

From the Women's March to the Women's Strike: Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Must Take a Stance - ENTREPRENEUR

by Nancy Harris
Originally published: March 8, 2017

There is growing global recognition that equal opportunity for women is the smartest strategy for improving business performance and society in general.

On March 8, women all over the world are planning to participate in the International Women’s Strike to recognize the important contributions that women make to society and raise awareness of the discrimination and inequalities still faced today. There has been much discussion on the validity and utility of a women’s strike, following mass demonstrations such as the Day Without Immigrants earlier this month. I stand in solidarity with all of the women planning to strike, and I ask all other business leaders to do the same.

Sadie Doyle, in Elle Magazine, brought up an interesting point regarding what a women's strike means in the contemporary context: how is an all-inclusive women's strike today relevant? At one point, Doyle notes that, for some, protest is a luxury, and many women can't strike effectively and safely without repercussion in the workplace. Effectively, not all women can participate in these demonstrations, strike, or even march, without the risk of losing their jobs— a valid point which makes me wonder how businesses can and should take a more active role in supporting their colleagues. It’s crucial to stand up for women in the workplace. Regardless of political opinions, we can all agree that our colleagues deserve to be able to stand up for their right to equal pay and healthy working conditions without risking their job.