Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gender diversity, disruption and disconnect - BUSINESS WORLD ONLINE

by Julie Christine O. Mateo
Originally published: March 6, 2017

This week, the world celebrates International Women’s Day with an inspiring battlecry aptly condensed in the hashtag: #BeBoldforChange. As a campaign theme, being bold for change encourages people of any gender to be proactive in pushing for gender parity because while awareness of gender equality issues is important, taking concrete action has become much more necessary in today’s disruption-driven world.

Many analysts believe that the way to manage and leverage disruption is through innovation. And this is where gender diversity comes in. We at SGV believe that the way to spark innovation is by harnessing the power of different ideas from diverse groups of people who are supported by an inclusive culture.

In order to address the dramatic changes in global demographics and advances in technology, company leaders are encouraged to develop an environment where people and ideas flourish. With true gender diversity and parity in senior management and across the organizational chart, companies can better maintain growth and performance. These were some of the points made in the EY publication titled “Navigating disruption without gender diversity? Think again.” The report noted five primary disconnects that are holding back gender diversity and stifling innovation in the workplace.