Tuesday, March 14, 2017

If your colleagues are mostly men or mostly women, that's not good - USA TODAY

by Charisse Jones
Originally published: March 10, 2017
Publisher: usatoday.com

If you're at work, take a look around the office. If not, think about your co-workers.

If men or women greatly outnumber the opposite sex, the odds may be against your collective success.

At least that's the finding of Sodexo, a global company that provides services for companies such housekeeping, reception services and equipment management, which surveyed 52,000 of its managers worldwide.

When the number of men and women managers is evenly matched, Sodexo found the team has a better chance of generating stronger profits, according to a new study from the company. When the ratio of male and female managers hovered between 40% to 60%, the team was 23% more likely to have seen an increase in gross profit over the previous three years as compared to teams dominated by one gender.