Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Is The Era Of Trump Triggering Transformation In Workplace Diversity? - FORBES

by Glenn Llopis
Originally published: March 11, 2017
Publisher: forbes.com

When articles about diversity and inclusion appear in major newspapers, I inevitably get dozens of emails from leaders who want to know my response. That was certainly the case with the Wall Street Journal article, "In Trump Age, Taking a Different Tack on Workplace Diversity" by John Simons. But this time many of those leaders were surprised at my response.

The article talks about companies rethinking “how they cultivate a fair, inclusive workplace; include white men, show bottom-line results.” According to Simons, “A new political era has corporate diversity chiefs rethinking their roles. Donald Trump’s upset election victory caused shock waves among many traditional politicians who realized that a swath of American voters—many white, working class—felt left out.” He writes that, “Many executives who run diversity programs also worry that the policy momentum that helped fuel their efforts is set to fade” as Obama-era rules on pay, hiring and protections are rolled back by President Trump and a Republican Congress that wants to “encourage companies to create voluntary standards for diversity in employment and in suppliers.”

Now here is why those leaders were surprised: I agree with all of the above and think it will be a good thing in the end.