Friday, March 3, 2017

Perfect Or Productive: Why 80/20 Is Hard For Millennial Professionals - FORBES

by Christine Carter 
Originally published: March 1, 2017

When describing the seven steps of a truly effective leadership style, Talking Talent Managing Director Rebecca Hourston stated the following:

The substance of what you do—the result you deliver—is pretty fundamental in today's economy. But working on the way that you do it is what will launch you into a different sphere of success altogether—even if you already count yourself as pretty successful.

Social stereotypes aside, Millennials and generation X are two very different generations, with contrasting behaviors even in the workplace. Generation X has been in the workforce as middle management and above for decades- in fact, 68% of Inc. 500 CEOs are from generation X. However as more millennials become leaders within organizations, it begs the question- will the attributes of the millennial generation help or hinder them in becoming are more efficient leader than generation X in the workplace?