Friday, March 3, 2017

Tech Leaders: How You Can Stop Sexism From Ruining Your Company - FORBES

by William Craig 
Originally published: March 2, 2017

One might’ve hoped that by the year 2017, gender discrimination would have been more of a distant memory. The recent Women’s March, showed us all that the accomplishments of women can’t be celebrated without a simultaneous, sobering reminder that there’s much work yet to be done.

The U.S. has seen a surprising number of women come forward about the “toxic” environments in Silicon Valley and beyond. One of the most recent (and the most worrying) examples is Susan Fowler’s disclosure of the casual sexist undertones at Uber, where she worked until late 2016. It’s not exactly a secret that the tech industry tends to be seen, even today, as a “man’s calling,” while the few women trailblazers in the industry are sadly sometimes subjected to eyebrow-raising treatment.

This doesn’t have to be you, tech leader. There isn’t anything remotely inevitable about the sort of treatment Fowler describes. Instead, take a few simple, straightforward steps to make sure you stop sexism in its tracks before your company becomes another cautionary tale. Here are four tips.