Thursday, March 2, 2017

Technology Is Putting Women Out of Work — Here’s How to Counter the Effects - TRIPLE PUNDIT

by Sona Jepsen 
Originally published: March 1, 2017

It’s nice to think that social issues like gender equality are further along than ever before. Too bad that’s not exactly the truth. According to the 2016 Global Gender Gap Report from the World Economic Forum, the gender gap is at its widest since 2008 — and isn’t projected to close until the year 2186.

Technology may have more to do with that than you think. It has long been a concern that technology is replacing people in the labor force, but less talked about is how these advances specifically affect women in the workplace.

Yes, women are leaning in and breaking down boardroom doors, but automation is simultaneously putting many of them out of work. Technological advances are automating jobs women typically dominated, such as sales and admin work.