Friday, March 10, 2017

Timeliness is critical in ADAAA compliance - BENEFIT NEWS

by Brian Kost
Originally published: March 8, 2017

The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, introduced in 2008, requires employers to think broadly by consistently accommodating employees with any kind of condition to ensure they have the right support to help them be productive in the workplace. Almost 10 years later, employers are often still confused by the intricacies of ADAAA. Many are intimidated by where to start when an employee needs accommodations assistance, and because of that, could be waiting too long to provide assistance. However, timeliness is now more important than ever.

Mishandling, delaying or refusing accommodations could result in an employee-filed compliant with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission — or worse — a lawsuit for failing to accommodate a disabled employee. To help your clients avoid these repercussions and quell their anxieties about helping employees under the ADAAA, you can serve as a valuable resource. Consider how to help increase client confidence by helping employers consider accommodations with these guidelines in mind:

  • Timely review: Your clients need to review disability claims thoroughly for ADAAA compliance, and in a timely manner. Assist clients with this first step by helping them understand the importance of reviewing the request as soon as possible. Delaying review could be seen by an employee as rejecting their request or need for accommodations.