Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What Can Uber Do To Fix Its Broken Culture? - FAST COMPANY

by Cale Guthrie
Orginally published: March 6, 2017
Publisher: fastcompany.com

It’s been over a week since the most recent Uber crisis, and the company has taken great pains to let the public know that it’s willing to change. But it’s the coming months that will really dictate whether or not it plans on truly fixing its internal problems.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been facing the company recently. First, former engineer Susan Fowler wrote a blog post detailing the sexual harassment she experienced during her time at Uber, claiming that it was disregarded by human resources. Then, the New York Times wrote an in-depth exposé about working at Uber, citing over 30 current and former employees who preferred to stay anonymous. It detailed allegations similar to Fowler’s, along with other anecdotes about a permissive culture of debauchery and harassment. Following that, a tape was leaked to Bloomberg that showed a cringeworthy shouting match between CEO Travis Kalanick and an Uber driver over cutting prices. A few days later another New York Times piece came out, this one detailing a technology it built–called Greyball–which was used to surreptitiously identify enforcement officials in cities where the Uber’s services were prohibited.

“Every company needs a customized, comprehensive approach that fits their business, their culture, and their stage of growth. Uber is no exception.”