Friday, March 10, 2017

What Jay Z’s New VC Firm Means for Diversity & Inclusion - HUFFINGTON POST

by Dennis Williams II
Originally published: March 8, 2017

The adoption of culture in tech is a not a new trend despite the absence of diversity in the workplace. This is seen in a variety of ways, whether it’s using of the word “Yo” to sound more familiar when onboarding new users or even Twitter’s dedicated section for categorizing content. Tech companies are well versed in leveraging culture in exchange for relevance but when does this presence start to exist not just in the branding but also in the building.

With Jay-Z’s newest endeavor, Arrive, is an early-stage venture capital firm with the focus on funding endeavors founded by Black entrepreneurs may begin to spread (or at least that’s the hope). Is this actually where inclusion begins?

Plenty of Black public figures have invested in the startup space but that’s much different from nurturing ideas into businesses as a VC firm. Not to say that is indeed Arrive’s focus but it’s quite the possibility given Jay-Z’s past ventures, particularly Tidal which is now owned in part by Sprint.