Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What You Can Do To Help New Parents - TALENT MANAGEMENT AND HR

by Val Matta
Originally published: March 20, 2017

New mothers and fathers everywhere wrestle with the issue of juggling a career and family. Traditionally, it’s an issue that has most impacted mothers. Some want to stay home, but have to work to supplement the household income. Others want to work, yet worry over trusting someone else to care for their child.

But what about working dads? What happens when a dad decides he doesn’t want to miss more time with his child, but feels continuing to work is his only financial option?

As HR leaders, if you’re not asking yourself these questions and building a benefits structure around the answers for both male and female employees, you’re at risk of losing them. Even when those who are parents do stay, they may well lose motivation and their productivity may suffer.