Friday, March 3, 2017

Why Technology Is Key To Workplace Diversity - HUFFINGTONPOST

by Plp Wilson 
Originally published: March 2, 2017

As a mum of three I’ve spent a lot of time with other parents and, inevitably, the subject of how easy it is to juggle work with family time comes up. I am often surprised and disappointed by how many brilliantly talented individuals are lost to the workplace because the impact on family life is too great. And in the majority of cases it is still mothers who sacrifice their career - or at least put it on hold - to bear the majority of the child-raising responsibility.

One of my core beliefs is that diversity is key to success when growing and running a business. With diversity not only of gender but also age and background, businesses thrive. With it comes a breadth of opinion, experience, and worldview. But the reverse is also true: technology is the key to diversity. Sound confusing? It’s actually a very simple formula.

One of the biggest thorns in the side of workplace diversity is the propensity for mothers to quit work to raise children, and never come back. A large chunk of the female workforce is often lost a key stages in people’s careers and diversity takes a massive hit. But with advances in tech, this needn’t be the case anymore. A flexible approach to work combined with the tech available to the general user these days means that people can work effectively from all locations and more so than ever before.